Nerf – Team Death Match

As I speak here at Allstar Gymnastics and Cheer (hosted by Pulp Central Gaming), a battle of Nerf Team Death Match is happening inside.  Screams of laughter erupts as an  explosion of darts start traveling across the arena.  It is obvious that the little ones are not sharp shooters, but I do have to admit, there are several of them hitting their intended targets.

As I stand here looking from the outside in, it seems like complete chaos.  Bodies running and diving behind barricades, darts traveling in every direction, and players re-spawning to get back into the game.  But upon further observation, it is not chaos at all.  The players are organising their attacks, guarding their forts, and executing their plans.  They are truly having the time of their lives.

Come out and join us every Saturday evening from 6-8 pm (7-12 yr olds) and 8-10 pm for 13+ year olds.

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