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Preschool Gymnastics Program

($90 – 1 class per week, 45 minute class, 8 weeks)

Preschool classes are structured to enhance learning and coordination to prepare them for future physical activities, not “run wild, learn nothing, babysitter classes”.  We teach basic eye hand/foot coordination and motor skill development.

Class Times:   

Monday 6:15 PM    Wednesday 6:00 PM  –  Thursday 5:30 PM


Recreational Gymnastics Program

($100 – 1 class per week, 55 minute class, 8 weeks)

Our recreational gymnastics classes are for children ages 6 to 18. Our main goal is for the children to have fun while learning basic gymnastics. We have recreational classes for children who have no desire of being a competitive gymnast. We want them to be able to take gymnastics just for the fun and physical activity of it, although the option to convert to a competitive gymnast is always open!

Class Times:

Level 1 (Beginner)

Mon (4 or 6 PM)  –  Wed (4 or 6 PM)  –  Thur (5 or 6 PM)  –  Fri (6 PM)


Level 2

Mon (6 PM)    Wed (4 PM)  –  Thur (5 or 6 PM)


Level 3

Mon (5 – 7 PM)  –  Fri (5 PM)


Cheerleading / Tumbling Class

($100 – 1 class per week, 55 minute class, 8 weeks)

We also offer a cheerleading tumbling class. Because of the competitiveness associated with cheerleading these days, more and more gymnastic skills are required to even be able to try out. These classes are designed to work on such skills as front and back walkovers, front and back handsprings, round off back handspring, back flips and side aerials.

Class Times:

Wed (5 PM)

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